Weightpoint – an office with a view!

Nestled high above the clouds, at the top of a building at Stora Badhusgatan, you will find the Weightpoint headquarter. Team Weightpoint is a digital agency, a business that delivers services for the creative and technical development of internet based products. They ave been up and running for 4 years but it’s finally the right time to take a side-project to startup.

During our meeting with Robin Harnesk (Art Director at Weightpoint) he explained that Weightpoint is currently testing and improving a technical decor for the web; a tool for website design called Decor – Timeline Tap Creator.

With the Timeline Tab you will be able to improve your social reach and create your own design at Facebook. You can show your artwork and YouTube-clips. The best part is that no programming is required. Simply drag and drop your content onto the working space and instant publishing is provided.

Don’t hesitate to check out the elaborative tab creator: www.facebook.com/pages/Decor-Timeline-Tab-Creator/217200015040046

Spring Camp wish you every success with your business and the exciting tab creator project!


Schedule changes

Timo Lehes financing session next Thursday well be scheduled on Monday the 21st of May at 3 PM.

Pitch competition will be held the 4th of June at 3.30 PM at Stena Center. All teams will have the possibility to pitch their idé to the Jury, consisting of Per & Timo! 5ish teams will be selected to present on the Demo day, all teams will have the possibility to show their products though.

Pitch dry-swim for the 5 winner will be held at Thursday the 7th of June at 3 PM. Teams selected for the Demo day must be present at this session.

The Demo day will be scheduled to the 13th of June, the day before Webbdagarna.

The schedule is updated!

Jakob Mattsson – Developing an unknown product


Answers you need before launching your own startup – David Brudö


Running six start ups David Brudö knows what he is talking about.

– The first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep is of course your start up.

Learning: You’ll spend more time with your start up than with anyone else. Make sure it’s something you really like!

– Your most important super weapon during the start up process is finding a fearless and humble killer team that’s 100 % committed.

– Start fund raising way before you need it! Move fast and establish multiple options. And remember:  a no from a investor is better than a maybe…

– Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Copy and innovate! Innovate your core, copy everything else.

Learning: Focus on what your good at – innovate on that.  Copy or outsource the rest. Iterate early to learn what’s your core.

– Start selling as soon as  you have an idea.
Learning: What  you think you know about your customers and the market are only assumptions – verify and test from day one if you are on the right track.

Today’s conclusion: If you want to feel alive – become an entrepreneur and run your own business!

Start-up Metrics – Presentation by Timo Lehes


Task for next week’s status meeting:

All teams should prepare:

1) What key questions do you need to answer right now, or what customer problem do you think you solve (hypothesis). Please be specific and keep it simple! Depending on where you are in terms of customer feedback, this can be quite different. 

2) What metrics can help you validate 1) 

We will have a walkthrough at 3PM!

Innovate through customer intimacy and engagement – Jan Bosch

Jan Bosch is talking sense.

– Don’t ask your customers what they want!
– You have to know your customer better than they know themselves.
– You have to learn from your mistakes twice as fast as your competitors.
– You have to adapt to new circumstances twice as fast as your competitors.
– Try your product/service on your customer and develop it from there.
– Collect as much data as possible about your customers’ opinions and make  your decisions based upon facts.
– The only thing that matters is how fast you can change plan A to plan B
– Identify the key question that will help you refine your product/service – ask your customers for feedback and develop!

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