Team Instaphone

We’re Instaphone, a team comprised of Jacob Oscarson, development and Erik Larsson, front-end dev & design.

We’re developing Instaphone, which makes it incredibly easy for eCommerce sites to embed a telephone directly into their websites. We want to help eCommerce sites increase their conversion rates, make more upsells and improve their customer service.

We’re currently testing and selling the first iteration of Instaphone to customers and working on some interesting leads with some well-known Swedish eCommerce sites. We have launched a tech preview version of Instaphone at:, you can try Instaphone by using the widget in the right hand corner on that very website.

We’re devoted to the customer development process and have applied it to earlier inhouse projects as well as on client projects (we also run Plexical,, a consultancy focused on app development.), and during the development of Instaphone we constantly talk to customers/users. During the latest iteration we had an eureka moment and discovered an opportunity that is possibly A LOT bigger than Instaphone’s current focus. We’ve had awesome feedback for the current version of Instaphone but after further interviews with a subset of users we are evaluating pivoting Instaphone from a b2b service into a consumer service.

During Spring Camp we want to connect with startups based in Gothenburg that are working on great things!

We’re commited to developing and growing Instaphone and will start look for funding to build and scale the service as fast as possible. We’re betting our future that voice and realtime collaboration will be integral elements in future web and app services.

Please visit to try out the current version of Instaphone and sign up for the waiting list to get early access to the service!


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