How to finance your start-up – Timo Lehes

All start-ups are in need of money to be able to grow and expand properly.

Develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to begin with and show the business case.

Some important parameters that drives value:
– The people behind the start-up. How complete is the team?
– The product. Is it a “must have” product?
– The Market
– Your need of money. Do you have a positive cash flow or are you desperate?
– The numbers of investors that are interested in investing. The more interested investors the more attractive you become…

Depending on your business, there are several ways of generating money:

– Finance your start-up with user generated money i.e sales
– VGR/Almi/Innovationsbron
– Seed funds e.g Chalmers Innovations
– Business Angels
– VC



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