Team Blapen – A Software Development Project

We have talked to Reza Moussavi (Programmer) and Pooyan Mabtahej (Programmer) about their exciting project management tool that they are developing during Spring Camp 2012.

Reza and Pooyan are both from Iran and they met during their studies at Chalmers Lindholmen. It was also during their studies that they found out about and was recommended to apply for Spring Camp. Their goal during the camp is to focus on activities that result in a project management tool called Blapen.

Blapen will basically work like this:

1. The project owner defines a project

2. Blapen defines smaller tasks within the project

3. Blapen will find employers relevant to the task that are available to preform the task

4. If there are no employers available to perform the task, Blapen will go public and publish the task so that pre-assigned consultants will be able to sign-up for the task.

It will be free of charge to use Blapen. Reza and Pooyan will make money from the premium accounts and from helping the project to find consultants.

A new method of defining a project. Blapen will change the game!


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