Clouds in the US

Mikael Lirbank has worked with startups in the IT/Internet sector since the age of 16. He’s tech savvy with a strong entrepreneurial drive.

Mikael is the founder and CEO of Witsbits. Witsbits is a low friction approach to server virtualization targeting SMBs – the fastest growing market segment. Incumbent players provide clunky virtualization solutions not suitable for SMBs.

In 2004 he founded Render Planet, a completely automated distributed computing facility for the 3D industry. The Render Planet service transparently provided 3D-artists with direct access to remote computational power from their desktops, eliminating the need for in-house capacity. Render Planet quickly attracted users in over 90 countries and inspired Mikael to create Witsbits.

Prior to Render Planet, Mikael worked with SwitchCore, a fabless semiconductor company. Mikael was part of SwitchCore’s founding team (three guys in a garage) through the IPO in 1999. SwitchCore developed the fastest Ethernet switch cores of the time and sold them as white labeled chips to customers like Intel and Huawei.

Mikael will visit Springcamp during May, date will be set later on.


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