Last but not least – Team Planet Ever

Let us introduce Sina Solouk, the electronic musician/composer who got tired of producing linear music and therefor started to build an interactive sound app.

His vision is to add sound to the world. To give every individual user a dynamic and unique experience while designing his/her own world of sounds.

Imagine walking through the familiar paths of your city while Planet Ever guides you on a walking tour combined of exciting sounds and useful information. What a fresh and interactive way to rediscover your city (and the world)!

Want to join the groove? Check out Planet Ever during Demo-day today at 4pm, Chalmers Innovation/Stena Center.


Gä – your guide to the perfect night out

Being a frequent clubber or a visitor in a new town, you often need help where to spend your night out.

The new site and service help you find the right place for your needs with just a few clicks. Are you planing an after work but don’t know where to go? Or maybe wanting a quiz night out?

At you can sort all clubs and pubs in your specific town by visitors’ age range, type of event at a specific date and entry fee. have been up and running for a few weeks and now covers more than 50 clubs/pubs in Gothenburg. Within a near future the service will also cover cities like Stockholm, Båstad, Uppsala and Lund.

The founder Nikola Mirkovic and his co worker Mikael Bjäring are also planing  going global with the site. The service will in the future cover clubs/pubs in popular cities all around the world. is seeing a bright future ahead!

Demoday info


Some info about the Demoday:

* We will start at 4 PM with a short introduction and pitches

* At 5 PM we will serve some snacks and drinks, and the “exhibition”. All teams will ha a spot on the exhibition, please bring computer, mobile, ipad, big screen or similar to demonstrate your product

* For those who are interested, we will have a beer somewhere downtown at the evening

A pdf-poster is attached. Each team can invite 2 friends, advisors or similar but please remind them to register so we can plan for drinks etc.


I will go through it more in detail on Thursday’s session, cu all!



Get help through the meal jungle!

At least two times within the last couple of weeks I have sighed out loud and been frustrated about not knowing where to eat.

If I only had known that the solution to my problem is on it’s way and under construction!

Meal Jungle, consisting of Johan Zaya, Danid Olsson and Daniel Koning, are at this now developing an app that will help its user to discover restaurants/coffee shops.

The app will help you get through the jungle of food options: search for the type of food you are fancying at that moment, to a price that you are willing to pay and within a specific area.

Are you looking for a high end fish restaurant in the neighbour hood? Or an After Work place what serves spanish tapas? Or would you prefer a random suggestion within a ten minute walk since you have run out of ideas completely?

Meal Jungle will solve this problem and also let you rate your experience and share with your friends.

Personally I can’t wait until this app is available and for its future features.

Team Instaphone

We’re Instaphone, a team comprised of Jacob Oscarson, development and Erik Larsson, front-end dev & design.

We’re developing Instaphone, which makes it incredibly easy for eCommerce sites to embed a telephone directly into their websites. We want to help eCommerce sites increase their conversion rates, make more upsells and improve their customer service.

We’re currently testing and selling the first iteration of Instaphone to customers and working on some interesting leads with some well-known Swedish eCommerce sites. We have launched a tech preview version of Instaphone at:, you can try Instaphone by using the widget in the right hand corner on that very website.

We’re devoted to the customer development process and have applied it to earlier inhouse projects as well as on client projects (we also run Plexical,, a consultancy focused on app development.), and during the development of Instaphone we constantly talk to customers/users. During the latest iteration we had an eureka moment and discovered an opportunity that is possibly A LOT bigger than Instaphone’s current focus. We’ve had awesome feedback for the current version of Instaphone but after further interviews with a subset of users we are evaluating pivoting Instaphone from a b2b service into a consumer service.

During Spring Camp we want to connect with startups based in Gothenburg that are working on great things!

We’re commited to developing and growing Instaphone and will start look for funding to build and scale the service as fast as possible. We’re betting our future that voice and realtime collaboration will be integral elements in future web and app services.

Please visit to try out the current version of Instaphone and sign up for the waiting list to get early access to the service!

How to finance your start-up – Timo Lehes

All start-ups are in need of money to be able to grow and expand properly.

Develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to begin with and show the business case.

Some important parameters that drives value:
– The people behind the start-up. How complete is the team?
– The product. Is it a “must have” product?
– The Market
– Your need of money. Do you have a positive cash flow or are you desperate?
– The numbers of investors that are interested in investing. The more interested investors the more attractive you become…

Depending on your business, there are several ways of generating money:

– Finance your start-up with user generated money i.e sales
– VGR/Almi/Innovationsbron
– Seed funds e.g Chalmers Innovations
– Business Angels
– VC


Quickly share real-time pictures with YouPic

We have had the pleasure to get to know a very competitive product as well as a highly productive team. YouPic has 5 members; Navid Razazi, Joakim Hallgren, Ambjörn Fagerström, Ola Holmström and Linus Ek. Their real-time picture site, YouPic, is both visually attractive, user-friendly and has about 3000 users all over the world. The team is currently testing and improving different versions and are getting ready to launch.
As a YouPic member you enter your own personal world in which you can upload an unlimited number of pictures. No matter where you are in the world you have the opportunity to document it through YouPic. As a member you will be able to experience an open exchange of information that connects you and your pictures to the world. Navid, Joakim, Ambjörn, Ola oct Linus would like to cordially invite you to join. It´s free!

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. So next time you have something to share, why not take a picture?
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